Dragon Ball Super SH Figuarts Action Figure Son Goku Ultra Instinct Toyotarou Edition

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SON GOKU ULTRA INSTINCT -TOYOTAROU Edition- joins S.H.Figuarts, totally overseen by TOYOTAROU, illustrator of "DRAGON BALL SUPER" Includes two heads and four expression options for replicating TOYOTAROU's distinctive look, with new coloring designed to evoke the manga appearance of the character! And there's more: the set includes a V Jump Books "Dragon Ball S.H.Figupedia" that covers 171 Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts products. The 144 page book includes an interview with TOYOTAROU and other special features.

Set Contents: Main Body, Three pairs of optional hands, Four optional expression parts, Optional head, V Jump Books "Dragon Ball S.H.Figupedia"

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