Kaiyodo brings us an amazing new entry in the KT Project action-figure lineup designed by Takeya Shiki: a Tolmekian armored soldier, one of Kushana's bodyguards from the masterpiece manga and film "Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind"! Takeya carefully designed the armor to recall Western armor styles, while keeping in mind its ceramic composition. He used ideas and concepts from the manga as well as the film, and the result is a dignified, realistic set of armor with metallic paint giving it an appearance of weight. By connecting the joints of the multi-layered armor into folds, a high degree of posability has also been achieved. He's armed with his sword, battle axe and shield; the shield features the pop-out claw that was seen in the manga! Other details seen in the manga but not the film, such as the shape and details of the axe and sword grips, are also present.


  • Main figure
  • Sword 
  • Scabbard
  • Axe
  • Shield
  • Interchangeable grip hand (x1)

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