Marvel Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Thor

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The Nordic thunder god Thor, as seen in Marvel Comics, gets a new "Amazing Yamaguchi" action figure from Kaiyodo! Thor features incredibly muscular arms with protruding blood vessels, with the proportion of his waist giving him a classic-comics atmosphere. The Amazing Yamaguchi design means this solid and heavy action figure is loaded with flexibility that won't break his body line! He comes with his mighty hammer Mjolnir; he can hold it by the grip, and it can also connect to his wrist with the strap by using a movable joint. Three-dimensional lightning effect parts are included that attach to the figure's head, torso, arms and legs to give this figure a powerful impression! He also has five interchangeable facial expressions, and two interchangeable heads -- one with and one without his winged helmet -- are included. The red fabric cloak features bendable wire in the hem all the way around for dramatic windblown poses!

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