Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age Bring Arts SYLVANDO & RAB

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Veronica, the fearless young mage, and her twin sister Serena, the laid-back healer, from DRAGON Sylvando, the entertainer extraordinaire, and Rab, the mysterious old man from DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age joins the BRING ARTS action figure line together as a set!

Their distinct costumes and silhouettes are recreated in the sculpt, and flexible materials are used in various areas in an effort to deliver figures that can withstand various action poses.
Special care has also been taken in applying the paintwork, from adjustments to the luster and shading effects, capturing and replicating the presence these characters exerted in-game.
Included are Sylvando’s sword and pipe, Rab’s cane and copy of the Olger’s Digest, an exchangeable headpiece and various hand parts enabling a wide range of poses, as well as abundant accessories, including a liquid metal slime.
This set comes packed with all the details that enable further enjoyment of the world that unfolds within the game!

Figures include display stands.

Figure Size: Sylvando: W 2.00" x D 1.53" x H 6.06”
Rab: W 2.87" x D 2.48" x H 4.57”

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