JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 - Diamond Is Unbreakable: Yoshikage Kira

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Check out this amazing articulated figure of Yoshikage Kira from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Issued in the original coloration conceived by creator Hirohiko Araki, this awesome Super Action Statue from Medicos includes fantastic accessories such as an interchangeable head for Kousaku Kawajiri--it's like getting 2 figures for the price of one! He also comes with Killer Queen's second bomb "Sheer Heart Attack," his St. Gentlemen bag, cellphone, watch, and briefcase--and this may be the first action figure ever with interchangeable ties! Nine spare hands are also included, as well as a posing stand.

Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary. Also, figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects.

Item Size/Weight : 23.2 x 12 x 8.6 cm / 211g

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