Legacy of Revoltech TOY STORY Buzz Lightyear

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Now you can go "to infinity and beyond" with everybody's favorite Space Ranger -- Buzz Lightyear! The self-confident astronaut from Disney/Pixar's hit "Toy Story" films has gotten the Revoltech treatment, and he looks fantastic!

Buzz is about 12.5cm tall, and is insanely posable with tons of Revoltech joints! His shoulder joints can be pulled forward to allow further posability, and his thumbs and fingers are even articulated! (The four fingers move as one unit.) Even his eyeballs are movable! Andy's name is written on the underside of Buzz's boot, too.

About 12.5cm tall


  • Optional hand
  • Wing part (x2)
  • Green army men (x3)
  • Name plate

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