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A precursor to Mega Man with an independent streak, Proto Man has at times worked with Dr. Wily, but ultimately fights for good alongside his brother.

Proto Man cuts a dashing character, accessorizing above and beyond his standard suit of armor.  His basic components are just like Mega Man’s, while Proto Man appears in red and gray instead of blue.  He wears his blaster on his right hand, and his unique helmet includes a tinted visor to hide his identity until he’s ready to share it.  As if that wasn’t cool enough, the robot hero also wears a bright yellow scarf and carries a cool red and white shield that he uses in combat!  Like the other Mega Man series robot model kits, Proto Man is made up of pre-painted parts (approximately 200), and doesn’t require any painting or glue.  With 30 points of articulation for excellent posing he is 5 ½ inches tall (1/10th scale).  Of course you can customize him with included interchangeable parts like multiple faces with tampo-printed eyes, and additional hands and weapons!

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