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The original version of Mega Man that started it all first debuted in 1987, and went on to sell over 28 million copies and establish a legacy that continues to this day.  Armed with his trusty Mega Blaster arm cannon, the intrepid hero is charged with defending his planet against the evil Dr. Wily and his cyborg armies!

The classic Mega Man wears sturdy robotic armor, encased in a full suit that leaves only his face exposed.  All of the iconic details are recreated, including the small torso and upper limbs, huge feet, right fist, left hand Mega Blaster arm cannon, and the unique helmet.  Each part comes pre-painted in the authentic blue and gray shades, making this one of the most accurate Mega Man figures of all time!  Standing 5 inches tall (1/10th scale), the video game hero is comprised of approximately 300 pieces and has multiple points of articulation for excellent posing.  Mega Man also comes with bonus parts so that you can display him as you choose.  There are two interchangeable blasts for his Mega Blaster: standard and “charged.”  He also has three types of pre-applied tampo printed faces for a variety of facial expressions and even an in-scale “E” can!

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