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Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the addition of the Infinite Justice Gundam Type II from the blockbuster film, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom, to their METAL ROBOT SPIRITS high quality figure line!

The "METAL ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) Infinite Justice Gundam Type-2" showcases the movie's unique coloring, faithfully reproduced through expert painting techniques. The figure is adorned with original markings that span its entire body, providing an impressive display and intricate detailing.

It comes equipped with a range of beam effect pieces that accurately mimic iconic weapons such as the "MA-F2002 Spitze Schwert Beam Horn" on the head and the "MMI-S1M7 Torniturus Beam Heavy Slashing Leg" on the legs. The "M2X32E Forantes" backpack can be deployed to recreate the flight mode, while the "MA-R259 Beam Riser" on the wings can be adjusted to depict both gun mode and slasher mode. Included accessories: 4 types of interchangeable wrist parts (left and right), backpack, 2 beam saber handles, handle for linked beam sabers, 2 beam saber blades, high energy beam rifle, rail gun, shield


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