Bandai's ONE PIECE IMAGINATION WORKS 1/9 Monkey D. Luffy

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Monkey D. Luffy from ONE PIECE appears in the third installment of the highest peak movable figure brand IMAGINATION WORKS.In order to make a two-dimensional character three-dimensional, we applied "dense modeling" and "fine coloring" that can only be done with about 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard about 1/12 scale, and "best appearance".


  • Main Figure
  • Replacement face parts four
  • Two types of eye parts for the main body and grinning face
  • Three types of eye parts for angry faces and clenched faces
  • Three types of normal facial eye parts
  • Replacement wrist left two right three
  • A set of straw hats (with strings)
  • Straw hat (without string)
  • Head for straw hat
  • Left and right arm parts for armed colors
  • Three types of left and right wrists for armed colors
  • Cloak
  • Pedestal set

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