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**Slight wear on the box**

RIt is a dynamic action figure repriduced the stylish appearance of EVANGELION Unit 01.

It covered the joint part, so it is the only figure with balanced weight expression.
There are many parts that reproduce battle scense in the play.

Also, Revoltech's first LED gimmick comes with it.
Because we are using luminescent paint, you can enjoy the atmosphere of night battle in a dark room.
Replacing with the optional head, you can reproduce the roared runaway condition. Damage can be reproduced by using bloodshed parts.
There are many other optional parts, so please play with your favorite situations!
Shamsiel(Display that emits light)
Pallet gun x1
Progressive Knife x1
Umbilical cable x 1
Option head x1
Option hand x 12
Unit 01 Bloodly Effect x 1
Transparent display stand x 1 (with extension parts)

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