Sgt. Frog Keroro Spirits Tamama Robo UC 17 cm

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KERORO SPIRITS is an all new action figure series intended for discriminating collectors, dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest toymaking technologies to a series long beloved by fans: Sgt. Frog! Cutting-edge CAD techniques plus the talented eyes of veteran craftspeople combine to create this feature-filled line of classic characters.

TAMAMAROBO UC includes a broad range of weapons and accessories that can be combined for fun display possibilities. The flying saucer can be detached from the larger mecha.
The set includes:·TAMAMAROBO UC, a Tamama figure·Flying saucer·Beam rifle·Armor TS, Armor TN, Missile pods (x2)·Shield·rear slaster unit·Fin antenna ·Basic connector joints (x2)

It stands approx. 17 cm tall and comes with accessories and interchangeable parts in a window box.

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