Tomytec LD033 Military Series 1/12 Little Armory Field Desk A Plastic Model

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This rugged field desk set lets your Little Armory girls (and other 1/12-scale figures) get their paperwork done even on the front lines! It's similar to mobile container desks and server containers used at U.S. military front line operation bases and command centers. The reinforced plastic container itself becomes a military office desk that can be quickly moved, deployed, and withdrawn on the battlefield.


Set content:

  • Desk container x 1
  • Desk x 1
  • Cabinet x 1
  • Drawer size x 6
  • Gun rack unit x 1
  • Desk legs x 2
  • Caster x 2
  • Pipe chair x 1
  • Server rack container x 1
  • Server body x 2
  • Rack x 1
  • Caster x 4

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